Friday, November 23, 2007

Theologians Without Borders Update

Updated Opportunities
It is good to report that the ‘Colombo Calling’ opportunity (CTS) for an OT teacher has been filled, as have all of their other needs for teachers in 2008.

The request for teachers to do a short term in Myanmar is still current. A letter this week indicates there is a renewed level of safety for travelers at the moment.

There is an ongoing request from this ‘Small Country with Big Opportunities’

I get a phone call each week from this group who would love to have a ‘South Indian Visit of Encouragement’ asking, “When are you going to send us a team?” If you went as a group it might be mutually beneficial as this pastor and his group discovered.

This invitation still stands in the country of Sierra Leone.

The Doctorates in the Jungle is progressing well in a refugee camp, thanks to the assistance of the Asian Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary.

An OT teacher is going early in the new year to teach in a Bible School located in a refugee camp. Some members of his family will be accompanying him and looking to ways they can make a contribution.

There is a lot more going on in the way of planning, dreaming with groups and consultancy in different parts of the world.

Thank You
Many thanks for your interest and support.

I am very grateful to those who have or who are serving as a TWB volunteer

Thanks to those who have sent me (without any commitment) their completed ‘Expression of Interest’

Do pass on the word about TWB and help as you can.

Dr Geoff Pound

New Resource for Decision Making and Discernment

A big part of the match making process of TWB is discerning the right person to meet the specific need.

Discernment is also a major part of the teacher’s work with prospective and current students when giving course advice and guidance about vocational preparation and directions.

The discerning readers will have seen that one of the new links on this web site is to an online book entitled, Making Decisions: Journey in Discernment.

It is a work book with 40 individual reflections, 7 group studies and other resources.

See how people around the world are starting to use this book.

If you are part of a seminary, please make it available to prospective students and current students by putting it as a link on your web site.

Dr Geoff Pound

Front Cover: Making Life Decisions: Journey in Discernment

Theologians Without Borders: Can You Help?

How You Can Help
If you have a personal page on your organization’s web site (see this example), please spread the vision by putting a link to TWB

Please put a link to TWB if you have a personal web site (like this one)

If you see some opportunity posted on this site for a specific teacher (e.g. Missions, NT, Leadership), please make the request known to people with this teaching specialty.

If you think there could be a time where you can serve as a TWB, do fill in an Expression of Interest form and send it to me with your CV.

If your seminary is in need of a teacher do tell me and I will get the word out.

Dr Geoff Pound

Monday, November 12, 2007

Colombo Calling Again!

Old Testament Teacher

A statement and invitation has already been posted on this site requesting an Old Testament teacher.

There has been some interest and enquiries but nothing definite. This call is therefore being sounded again!

The need is urgent and the dates are looming fast.

Please circulate this need among the OT teachers in your networks.

New Call: NT Teacher
The Colombo seminary in Sri Lanka is also requesting today a New Testament teacher.

There is some flexibility in terms of the theme of the course. It could well be the Gospels or Pauline texts and theology.

There is also some flexibility in regard to dates for this intensive.

The earliest starting date is the 11 January and the latest starting date is the 22 February 2008.

The preferred dates are 1-9 February 2008.

Lecturers are expected to be at the seminary in Colombo for at least nine days (although only expected to teach on five days).

More information about the structure of the course and the level are available from me at geoffpound[at]

Please let NT teachers know about this request through your networks.

Geoff Pound

Image: Colombo—the skyline of the Fort area with the high towers of the World Trade Centre.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Short-Term Teaching in Sri Lanka

A specific and urgent request has come for a teacher to teach an Old Testament course in a seminary in Sri Lanka.

Their greatest need at the moment is for a lecturer who will be willing to spend around 10 days at the seminary and teach for 36 hrs in this period which straddles two weekends.

The dates given are 1-9th February 2008 but there is flexibility and it could be run in January or even later.

This course is part of a Masters programme.

While the urgent need is for someone who can teach a course in OT studies, the contact person has said “they would not decline offers for people who could teach NT.”

Do contact me for more information if there is any possibility of you being able to help.

Geoff Pound

Image: Satellite map of Sri Lanka