Sunday, September 30, 2007

South Indian Visit of Encouragement

There is a new opportunity for a person (preferably with a small team) to go to South India.

This would be a 1-2 week (there is flexibility) visit of encouragement in word and deed.

The request is for someone/s to go in December but there is flexibility on timing—December, February, March…

From December to March it is winter and as such it is easier for those in cooler climates to visit India at this time.

I am choosing not to post specifics on this public notice board so do email me if you are interested to explore (this does not commit you) this opportunity further.

Geoff Pound

Image: South India.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Theologians Without Borders: Some Key Documents

On this site there are numerous postings about international needs and opportunities for teachers and speakers.

There are also some enduring documents in the archives to which I want to draw your attention.

These will be of special help to newcomers to the TWB site.

Introducing Theologians Without Borders (the vision).

Expressions of Interest (fill out this form and send it to me to register your interest and passions).

By all means lurk through the early postings to read of opportunities and stories of people who have served in significant ways.

Geoff Pound

Image: “stories of people who have served in significant ways.”

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Teachers Needed for Sierra Leone

An opportunity is emerging for volunteer teachers (food and lodging provided) in a seminary in Africa’s Sierra Leone.

The needs are many but the urgent priorities include these subjects:
* Christian Education
* Missions
* Leadership Training

These are short-term opportunities ranging from 2-3 weeks for leadership training and a month for intensive courses in other subjects.

This is an enthusiastic institution which offers courses in holistic Christian development, sociological research, and since the civil war. they have been offering a major component in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.

The best period would be sometime in the first half of 2008.

Do write to me if you wish to register an interest (without commitment) and would like more information.

Geoff Pound

Image: Sierra Leone.

Friday, September 21, 2007

OT Teacher Exploring Possibilities

An Old Testament/Hebrew Bible specialist has a sabbatical in the first part of next year (2008) and is exploring the possibility of spending some of this time teaching in another country.

If you are stationed in a seminary and have a need for an Old Testament teacher (prophets and narrative in particular) in that period, send me an email and I can put you in touch.

Geoff Pound
Coordinator, Theologians Without Borders (BWA)

Image: Hebrew Scriptures.

Opportunity in Myanmar/Burma

A request has come from a seminary in Myanmar/Burma for somebody to teach in the broad area of Mission, Church Planting, Christian Leadership and Church Administration. Also some preaching would be appreciated.

There are no minimum academic requirements insisted upon for this person.

The time when this volunteer would be most welcome is the first two weeks of December 2007.

The location is some distance outside of Rangoon.

If you would like more information, do send me an email and I can supply this and put you in touch with the Seminary President.

Geoff Pound

Image: Map of Myanmar/Burma (click to enlarge)